Woodcock Lake

Pheasant's Wood Fishery welcomes you to our newly re-developed specimen lake that covers 5.5 acres boasting 11 generously sized pegs so you can enjoy your stay in total comfort.

Woodcock Lake is now quickly maturing into a stunning lake offering a variety of features where you can fish close in, out in open water and offering some very tempting island chucks where your casting accuracy is all important. With a good head of pristine Carp averaging 20lb and going to 32lb there are also a few surprises with a small number of Catfish to over 42lb so be prepared for some hard fought battles when the alarms start beeping.

We wish you a very warm welcome and hope that your sessions at our waters will create long lasting memories.

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Please ensure all rule are followed

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Woodcock Lake

Carp Lake
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carp lake

During the lockdown of 2020, Pete and his team went to work on a full redevelopment of the original Carp lake and the main Pleasure lake to create Woodcock Lake. During that time the Pleasure and Carp lakes were combined to produce a single larger water of approximately 5.5 acres. This lake was then drained and netted with the smaller fish removed and both the bankside and lake bed reshaped with many hidden features that we invite you to find.

We welcome both experienced and novice carp anglers alike and ask that you respect both our rules and the fish that you catch. The team are always on hand to offer help and advice so please don't be worried to ask for any help you may need, we want your time at Pheasant's Wood Fishery to be a memorable one.

Superb fishing in a peaceful location

Depths on the lake go to around 6ft and all pegs offer plenty of water to go at with an abundance of features including drop-offs, overhanging trees and lots of rushes so whatever your preferred style of fishing this lake can accommodate you.

Over the coming months we will be updating the website with lots more pictures, drone footage and maybe even a few topography  photos.

With Carp now tipping the scales at 32lb and Catfish to over 42lb (both still growing) this lake offers you the chance to slip the net under something very special.

The team are always on hand to help you get the best out of your session so please feel free to ask our fishery staff on the best current methods and baits, we want your session to be a memorable one.

Fish Care

Here at Pheasant's Wood Fishery we pride ourselves on ensuring our entire stock are in good health and fighting fit.

Our fish care policy covers all anglers and we request that any fish caught, large or small is looked after with respect and in the correct manner.

A minimum net size of 42” is required, with a well-padded unhooking matt or cradle being essential.

Carp care kits to treat hook holds and/or damage to the fish must be used.

Sacking of fish is allowed whilst camera equipment is set up or to give you time to get a bailiff to verify weight. Please do not sack fish for longer than 30 minutes.

Rig checks are regularly done, please do not be offended if you are asked for a rig check, alternatively, call the bailiff who will be happy to check before your first cast.

If at any point bad or damaging practices are observed we will of course give you advice on better rigs, handling etc., however, if bad practices continue we may have no option but to ask you to leave the water.

big carp
big carp

Woodcock Lake Rules - please make sure all are read, understood and followed

  • Day ticket pegs will be available from 10.30am to 8.30pm
  • Overnight anglers to vacate peg by 10am on their departure day
  • All nets, mats, slings must be dipped before fishing
  • 3 rods maximum
  • Safe zone leads allowed or minimum 18” of tubing
  • No plastic baits to be used, toppers need to be fully digestible
  • 15lb main line minimum
  • Double pegs must be fished as doubles (2 anglers) Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • No braided main line
  • No naked chod rigs
  • Micro barb or barbed hooks only
  • No Dogs unless agreed by bailiff
  • Fish must be returned to water as soon as photos are done
  • Carp care kit is essential and used on every fish caught
  • No unattended rods unless on the next swim any further is too far
  • Life jackets must be warn if out in the boat
  • Bait boats are allowed, but must be used with care to other anglers
  • All anglers must make there own booking as we do not take group booking
  • Tiger nuts can be used but must be checked on the day by bailiff before being used
  • All cars must be parked on car park, barrows will be needed
  • None fishing guests need to be made known to the bailiff so we know who is on the lake, noise, and partying will not be tolerated, please respect other anglers
  • Rig checks will be done randomly please don’t get offended
  • Gates open at 8am with no access after 8:30pm
  • Please take litter home

Failure to follow the rules will result in being asked to leave

Book online and reserve your place

With demand already high for our waters we would recommend that you book early to avoid disappointment.  We provide an easy and secure online payment facility to allow you to book your place with the minimum of fuss.

12 hours = £15
24 hours = £27
36 Hours = £42

48 hours = £54
72 hours = £81

Once you have purchased your ticked please check your email for a confirmation message which we will ask you to show on arrival.

We look forward to your arrival!

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