Please ensure all rules are read and followed at all times

Nobody likes rules but we have placed the following into effect to ensure the welfare of our stock and the safety of our customers.  Most of the rules are quite standard across the sport but please do take time to read and understand them.  If you have any doubts then please feel free to contact a member of the Pheasants Wood Fishery team.

Woodcock Lake Rules

Day tickets are 10.30am to 8.30pm - pegs maybe free earlier but phone in advance

Overnight stays must leave the peg by 10am on their day of departure

All nets, mats, slings must be dipped before fishing

3 rods maximum

Leaders are allowed or minimum 18” of tubing - all rigs must allow fish to drop the lead - if you are unsure ask the baliff

No plastic baits to be used, toppers need to be fully digestible

15lb main line minimum

Double pegs must be fished as doubles (2 anglers) Friday, Saturday and Sunday

No braided main line - braided hook lengths are fine

No naked chod rigs

Micro barb or barbed hooks only - Size 2 - 10 hooks only 

No Dogs unless agreed by bailiff

Fish must be returned to water as soon as photos are done 

Carp care kit is essential and used on every fish caught

No unattended rods unless on the next swim any further is too far

Life jackets must be warn if out in the boat

Bait boats are allowed, but must be used with care to other anglers

All anglers must make there own booking as we do not take group booking

Tiger nuts can be used but must be checked on the day by bailiff before being used

All cars must be parked on car park, barrows will be needed

Guests need to be made known to the bailiff, we only allow one guest per angler and they must be a partner or child. Excessive noise will not be tolerated, please respect other anglers and enjoy your fishing

Rig checks will be checked at some point during your visit 

Gates open at 8am

Bins are provided in the car park - please use them 

Snipes Lake Rules

1 rod only £10 - feeder, float or poles only - no carp rods/alarms to be used on Snipes lake 

Gates open at 8am fishing allowed till 7pm

All cars must be parked on car park - please do not drive on grass 

No Dogs unless agreed by bailiff

One non-fishing guest per angler - this can only be a partner or child

Fish must be returned to water as soon as photos are done 

No unattended rods

Rig checks may be done during your visit

Please take litter home

No unaccompanied children under 14 yrs

Barbless hooks only, any other forms of hook are not allowed

Branded carp pellets only, or purchased on site only

No meat, artificial bait

Minimum 4inch hooklength

No overshotted pole floats

No standing up with fish in your hands, unhooking matt must be used, do not place carp on the grass or peg - you will be asked to leave if this is seen

Only one person fishing per peg

No Floating poles, rattlers, braided line or free lining

Ledgers and swim feeders to be free running

All nets including any slings or unhooking mats must be dipped and fully dried on the bank before being used

2 Keepnets in matches, Carp in one, Silvers in another

Maximum match weight per keepnet 60lb

Matches to be run 10am to 3pm (5 hours only)

No lure fishing of any kind