Snipes Lake

Snipes Lake is our Pleasure and Match water and has seen many changes over the last 12 months since we took over the complex with work being undertaken to ensure every peg provides our customers with a safe, comfortable, clean and generously sized fishing area.

Snipes already had a good stock of both silver fish and carp and it was decided that larger carp would be taken out and relocated to Woodcock Laker with the biomass being equally replaced with silver fish. This has resulted in a large but healthy stock of Roach, Bream, Perch to ensure all of our anglers can target their chosen species and have a very busy day.  For those new to the sport this lake offers you a great way to learn and improve your knowledge and experience.

With depths to around 6ft there are many methods that can be used on the lake and many features to target.

Big Roach
match lake
Silver Fish 2

Visit Snipes Lake

When deciding on the stocking levels for Snipes Lake we were careful to ensure we accommodated for those wanting to catch both silver fish and also smaller carp.   The stocking policy has reflected this so whatever you choose to fish for you can be confident that you will catch.

Popular methods on this lake are;

  • Method Feeder - a very good tactic for those wanting to target the Carp especially when they are patrolling the islands.  A simple mix of micro-pellets with a hard pellet or wafter on the hook usually see's rod wrenching bites that can take your rod in if you are not careful so hang on tight when you get one.
  • Float/Waggler - Another favourite method for many is fishing a float either on the bottom or up in the water to target either silver fish or the carp.  Small but regular feeding will get the fish competing for your baits and bites can last all day long when you get it right.
  • Pole - Many choose to fish the pole for supreme accuracy and bait presentation resulting in some huge bags of both carp and silver fish.  Both open water, islands and the margins can be targeted.

Whatever your chosen method and species the team are always on hand to help you so please don't be afraid to ask when you see one of us walking around.  We will be glad to assist.

Snipes Lake Pleasure and Match Rules

  • 1 rod only £10
  • Gates open at 8am - fishing till 7pm
  • All cars must be parked on car park
  • All nets including any slings or mats must be dipped and dried out fully on the bank before fishing
  • No Dogs unless agreed by bailiff
  • None fishing guests need to be made known to the bailiff for security
  • Fish must be returned to water as soon as photos are done
  • No unattended rods at any time
  • Rig checks will be done randomly please don’t get offended
  • Please take your litter home
  • No unaccompanied children under 14 yrs
  • Barbless hooks only, any other forms of hook are not allowed
  • Branded carp pellets only, or purchased on site only
  • No meat or any artificial baits
  • No standing up with fish in your hands
  • Only one person fishing per peg
  • No Floating poles, rattlers, braided line or free lining
  • Ledgers and swim feeders to be free running
  • 2 Keepnets in matches, Carp in one, Silvers in another
  • Maximum 60lb match weight limit per keepnet
  • Matches to be run 10am to 3pm (5 hours only)
  • Minimum hook length of 4 inches
  • No over-shotted pole floats

Match Bookings

If you are a match secretary and wish to book Snipes Lake for a Saturday or Sunday match (or even an evening midweek match) please contact us for availability, we still have some dates available but operate on a first come first serve basis.